Weekly Classes

We offer regular weekly classes throughout the year for beginners through advanced level. To see progress you should commit to the monthly series however we do allow drop ins. Also see our Workshops Page for special topics, intensive seminars and visiting instructors. Updated for Winter 2019.


7:30 – 8:30pm ::: Beyond the Basics – Int/Adv Level

A motivating class designed for experienced dancers with a clear grasp of the fundamentals wanting to build creativity, musicality, elegance, dynamics and floorcraft. We explore advanced elements helping dancers feel more expressive and confident in the milonga. Discount entrance to Milonga La Lunita following the class.

This class is organized into monthly topics but you can drop in anytime. We work both on individual technique and partner exercises exploring advanced elements and helping dancers feel more expressive and confident in the milonga. You do not need a partner for these classes however you are welcome to come with a partner and work primarily with them throughout class. You do not need to pre-register. Not suitable for beginners. If you are still a beginner but eager to learn we ask that you plan to come with a partner so that it is fair for the more experienced dancers.

APRIL SERIES ::: Enrosques and Lapices for Both Roles
Four Weeks – April 1, 8, 15, 22
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

MAY SERIES ::: Musicality + Improvisation
Four Weeks – May 6, 13, 20, 27
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

JUNE SERIES ::: Boleos – circular, linear, low + high
Four Weeks – June 3, 10, 17, 24
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

Class is held on Monday nights right before our social dance Milonga La Lunita.
All Monday students get discount $5 entrance to the milonga.


6:30 – 7:30pm ::: Technique Training

Tango drills and training in body mechanics, musicality, strengthening and stretching. Exercises for a grounded walk, stable pivots and proper disassociation with the goal of becoming more confident and sensitive dancers. A friendly space for asking questions and exploring what you need to develop your dance

Technique, technique, technique! Classes are designed to condition the physical body (tone, control, ease of movement, muscle memory) and expand your body awareness (body mapping, conscious movement, alignment). We also work with musicality in our technique drills. Held on Wednesdays, these classes are on-going and drop-in. You do not need to register in advance and no partner needed. Most of the class is individual work with some partner exercises. We encourage students to do technique training to compliment the partner work in our other classes. There is some technique work in all of our classes however the primary focus of our partner work is communication and connection. Wear comfortable clothes and bring tango shoes as well as socks.

10 Class Pass $100 (no expiration date)
Single Class $15

A great compliment to the Fundamentals Class which is immediately following.
All Wednesday students get free entrance to Pasitos Practica.

7:30 – 8:30pm ::: The Fundamentals

These weekly classes work in detail to refine the walk, embrace, connection, pivots, ochos, paradas, turns and all the essentials that build the foundation for dancing tango. We teach classic sequences as well as improvisation skills. There is a technique component in all of our classes however we emphasize lead/follow communication in our partner work and encourage students to do TechniqueTraining if possible. Pasitos Practica following the class is included in the fee.

Learning the fundamentals of Argentine Tango is like learning a language or a martial art and it takes time for the dancer to integrate these elements into their body language. Fundamentals are not only for the Beginner and very often the most experienced dancer will return to the work on the fundamentals. We recognize different levels of dancers in the class and while working with a fundamental concept we also provide material to help more experienced dancers deepen their understanding or challenge incorporated patterns that may be inhibiting growth in the dance. This class is held on Wednesdays just before our Pasitos Practica which is included in the cost of the class. The Practica is an oportunity to stay and practice what you learned in class, get help from the teachers and other dancers, get a feeling for the social dance. Suitable for All Levels. No partner required. This class is on-going and you do not need to pre-register.

Four Weeks – Wednesdays April 3, 10, 17, 24
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

Wednesday May 1
Free Classes 6:30pm Technique + 7:30pm Fundamentals

Four Weeks – Wednesdays May 8, 15, 22, 29
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

Four Weeks – Wednesdays June 5, 12, 19, 26
Series $65  /  Single Class $20

Class is held on Wednesday nights right before our open studio practice Pasitos Practica
All Wednesday Fundamentals students get free entrance to the Practica.

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