FALL 1 – Int/Adv Partner Class FOLLOWER


MONDAYS 7 – 8:15pm

Intermediate/Advanced Level
Partner Class (75 mins)
6 week session
Fall 1 – Sept 28 – Nov 2

Pricing: $150 per person

In stock

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED :: Designed for experienced dancers with a clear grasp of the fundamentals wanting to build creativity, musicality, elegance and dynamics. We explore advanced elements such as rebounds, boleos, sacadas, barridas, turns with embellishments, lapices and enrosques, changes of direction, out of axis movements etc… We also explore advanced musicality, incorporating syncopation and changing dynamics to help students feel more sensitive in the connection and more expressive and confident in the dance.

The hall will be set up and operated according to health and safety guidelines which everyone is expected to follow.
-Registration with a partner is required for partner classes and there will be no rotation of partners.
-No partner required for technique classes as it is all individual work.
-Dancers will have their own designated space marked by tape on the floor.
-Masks are required in the hall except when you are in your designated dance space.
-Dancers are expected to maintain proper physical distancing with everyone except their partner.
-The hall is spacious with plenty of ventilation, windows will be open and there will also be air filters running.
-The hall will be sanitized before every class.
-Most importantly if you feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone experiencing covid symptoms do not attend class.

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