LEVEL 3 February Topic:Musicality D’Arienzo FOLLOWER


MONDAYS 7:30 – 8:30pm

LEVEL 3 – INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED :: Designed for experienced dancers with a clear grasp of the fundamentals wanting to build creativity, musicality, elegance and dynamics. We explore advanced elements such as rebounds, boleos, sacadas, barridas, turns with embellishments, lapices and enrosques, changes of direction, out of axis movements etc… We also explore advanced musicality, incorporating syncopation and changing dynamics to help students feel more sensitive in the connection and more expressive and confident in the dance. Classes will also cover social dance codes and floor craft as this is essential for anyone attending milongas.

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These series are organized into monthly topics. We encourage you to commit to the entire series however we do allow drop in with a partner only. $25 per person. Includes entrance to Milonga La Lunita.  You do not need a partner when you register for the series. We will try to role balance the class.

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