Every month we offer a Foundation Workshop and several times a year we run workshops and intensive seminars dedicated to special topics such as musicality, women’s technique, vals and milonga. We also host visiting teachers from Buenos Aires. 

The Foundation Workshop

An intro to tango or refresher course for anyone who wants to review the fundamentals. We cover all the basic technique for dancing as well as an overview of tango culture and musicality. Enjoy a relaxed and fun evening of dancing, refreshments and a tango performance. Class size is limited to allow us to spend individual time with each student. You do not need a partner to register for this workshop. You may however register with a partner and we understand that rotating partners in class may feel intimidating to some at first. We encourage rotation in class because it is important in learning how to lead and follow and the basis for becoming a good social dancer but we will never force anyone to rotate partners.

What can you expect in this workshop? Clear explanations and demonstrations of basic tango technique and communication, an opportunity to dance, de-stress, be in your body, find connection and joy in the music and with others!

Upcoming Dates for 2019
Saturday, July 13th ::: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Wednesday, Sept 11th ::: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Saturday, Sept 14th ::: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Saturday, Nov 9th ::: 6:30 – 8:30pm


You must pre-register for this workshop. Spaces limited. 
Send an email with e-transfer to to reserve your space
or register on Eventbrite

Women’s Role Technique & Embellishments

Tango technique training with body mechanics, musicality, strengthening and stretching. Exercises and drills for a grounded walk, stable pivots, proper disassociation and greater awareness with the goal of becoming more confident and sensitive dancers. Focus on feminine role technique and embellishments. A friendly space for asking questions and exploring what you need to develop your dance. 

What is the feminine role in Tango? Much more than the English word ‘follower’ may lead you to think. In Argentina the term is usually referred to as ‘role feminina’ or ‘role de mujer’ however the role is not about gender rather it is about energy. The women’s role in tango is receptive and intuitive yet it also contains a strong and active element. In this workshop we explore the embodiment and essence of this role. Technique, body mechanics, and embellisments in a friendly space for asking questions and learning what you need to develop your dance. Classes are designed to condition the physical body (tone, control, posture) and expand your awareness (body mapping, conscious movement) with a foundation built on Alexander Technique and yoga but all completely focused on the tango dancer! You must pre-register for this workshop. Class size is limited. Wear comfortable clothes and bring tango shoes as well as socks.

This workshop is usually held on the last Friday of the month.
Upcoming Dates
Friday Feb 22, 2019
7 – 8pm Women’s Technique Foundation for All Levels
8 – 9pm Women’s Technique Embellishments & Musicality Int/Adv Level


You need to pre-register for this workshop. Spaces limited. No partner required.
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Special Topics & Guest Teachers

Small group classes designed for advanced dancers to explore specific topics such as choreography, sacadas, boleos, advanced musicality. We are also open to your choice of topic. These workshops explore specific topics such as choreography, sacadas, boleos, advanced musicality, vals, milonga etc. We also offer workshops from time to time with visiting instructors. Guest instructors who have taught at The Tango Studio include Cynthia Fattori and Ernesto Terri, Monica Parra, Los Totis, Marcelo Gutierrez and Albano Goldenberg.

SATURDAY AUGUST 10 at 7:30pm


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