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Fall is here, kids are back in school and life goes on. When the pandemic hit in March and we closed our studio we were incredibly grateful that the hall (our second home) where we held our classes and milongas since 2008 would waive the rent on our yearly contract. Understandably they can no longer continue to do this and new renters are asking for long term. The hall manager is so graciously giving us priority before signing new contracts if we are able to have activities that comply with health and safety standards. I have been sitting with this for a few days. It seems unnatural and uncomfortable to have community members coming up the stairs to this space of one million embraces and have the barriers of physical distancing. However it also feels incredibly sad to turn in our key after 12 years. So in an attempt to hold onto a couple days at our beautiful and unique space we have decided to run classes this fall. We realize that this virus will be with us for the foreseeable future and many people depend on dance for a sense of well-being. I would like to see our dance community set a standard for operating in a safe and responsible environment. Over the summer we learned a lot working in this new reality teaching private/semi-private classes and have spoken with other dance studio owners operating successfully within safety guidelines.Please feel free to contact us for registration, more information or to give us your feedback.
Abrazos grandes!!

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The Tango Studio

MONDAYS -Intermediate/Advanced Level
6pm Individual Technique (50 mins)
7pm Partner Class (75 mins)
6 week sessions
Fall 1 – Sept 28 – Nov 2
Fall 2 – Nov 9 – Dec 14

TUESDAYS -Beginner/Intermediate Level
6pm Individual Technique (50 mins)
7pm Partner Class (75 mins)
6 week sessions
Fall 1 – Sept 29 – Nov 3
Fall 2 – Nov 10 – Dec 15

Technique – 6 week session $100 per person
Partner Class – 6 week session $150 per person

The hall will be set up and operated according to health and safety guidelines which everyone is expected to follow.
-Registration with a partner is required for partner classes and there will be no rotation of partners.
-No partner required for technique classes as it is all individual work.
-Dancers will have their own designated space marked by tape on the floor.
-Masks are required in the hall except when you are in your designated dance space.
-Dancers are expected to maintain proper physical distancing with everyone except their partner.
-The hall is spacious with plenty of ventilation, windows will be open and there will also be air filters running.
-The hall will be sanitized before every class.
-Most importantly if you feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone experiencing covid symptoms do not attend class.

Please send us an email if you would be interested in registering or if you have questions.

::: Oigo Tu Voz:::

Listen to Demare’s version of this song with the voice of Raúl Berón.
And here is another incredible and moving rendition…
WATCH Orquesta Romantica Milonguera, singer Marisol Martinez

Miedo de morir,
ansia de vivir,
¿sueño o realidad?
Algo quiere ser
un amanecer
en mi soledad…
cantos que olvidé,
sitios que dejé,
dichas que perdí…
hoy en la emoción
de mi corazón
¡todo vuelve a mí!

Oigo tu voz,
la que mi oído no olvida.
Me trae tu voz
hasta mi pena escondida
la luz y la vida
de un rayo de sol.
Vuelvo a escuchar
el nombre mío en tu acento,
sin descifrar
si es la palabra que siento
mentira del viento,
delirio, no más.

Strength and love to all the people affected by this global health crisis, not only the sick and their caregivers but all the lives and livelihoods disrupted. It is troublesome to watch friends and neighbours afraid to get too close to each other and we hope that this distancing will not become a part of our collective conscious for the long term. The comfort of closeness and touch is vital to our well being and our humanity. Sterile environments as a norm would be much worse for our immunity. Please stay aware as we take in the message that the other is dangerous and that contact and closeness is irresponsible. Amidst all of the isolation we should isolate this moment in time as a necessary measure but return to feel safe to embrace and to be embraced.
Abrazos, Deborah and Santiago

The Tango Studio Vancouver
Santiago & Deborah
T: 604 338 4069
2474 Prince Edward St.
Vancouver, BC Canada