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Classes, Workshops, Milongas, Practicas, Performances,
Cultural Events and Community Outreach

We are open for in person classes! 


F A L L  2 0 2 1

Foundation Technique
8 week series ::: Sept 14 – Nov 2
Tuesdays at 6:30pm


Level 1 – Beginner
8 week series ::: Sept 14 – Nov 2
Tuesdays at 7:30pm


Level 2 – Intermediate
8 week series ::: Sept 15 – Nov 3
Wednesdays at 6:30pm


Level 3 – Advanced Guided Practica
4 week series ::: Monthly Topics
Wednesdays 8-10pm


Pre-registration only / No drop-ins


P R I V A T E  C L A S S E S
We Offer Private and Semi-Private Lessons

1 student or 1 couple
2 couples or 4 technique students
Contact us for schedule and availability

. . .
Keeping dance available and our community safe.

-Please be respectful of each person’s need for feeling safe.
-Masks are required in common areas and optional when in your dance space – please feel comfortable to use them or not.
-We have reduced class sizes well below the number allowed.
-Registration with a partner is required for partner classes and there will be no rotation of partners.
-No partner required for technique classes as it is all individual work.
-On the first day of your class series please present your Vaccine Card if you have not already done so. You only need to do this once.
-The hall is spacious with plenty of ventilation, all windows will be open.
-The hall will be sanitized before every class.
-Most importantly if you feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone experiencing covid symptoms do not attend class.

Please send us an email  if you have any questions or concerns.

::: Spring Film Project :::

The cherry blossoms have come and gone yet we tried to capture their message. Our beautiful city beneath the pink trees and a Vals that that invites you into the fleeting moment. The beauty of impermanence knowing that in the longest and darkest Winter there is the arrival of Spring!  Imagining the joy that is coming as our world lets go of all the restrictions and we are free to embrace and dance again! We hope you enjoy our latest film project and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

::: Un Momento:::

Lyrics and Music by Hector Stamponi
Orquesta Anibal Troilo with Raúl Berón

Qué raro fue tu adiós!
De espina y de jazmín,
Como una cruz y una caricia.
Tal vez… no presentí,
Ni comprendí,
Que las estrellas tienen que morir
Con los rayos del sol…
Yo fui… un pájaro cantor,
Y tú la mariposa
Que buscó quemar sus alas.
Después… la soledad,
La realidad,
La noche cruel que pronto me envolvió…
Y otra vez junto al río, muy juntos…
Tu boca, mi boca,
Tu pelo y mi pelo.
Y la luna,
Tu luna, mi luna,
Que ayer nos vestía,
Hoy tiende su velo.
Yo no quiero el engaño de un día:
Tus manos no tiemblan! no sabes reír!…
Yo no quiero la historia de siempre,
Vivir un momento y luego morir.
Yo sé…
Que un día encontraré
En la aventura eterna
De mis pasos por la vida,
Tu voz que llamará,
Que gritará,
Que pedirá por mi regreso en vano,
Y tal vez llorarás…
Verás… qué triste es el papel
De mendigar amor
Donde no queda nada, nada…
Después… la soledad,
La realidad,
La noche cruel que ya te envolverá…

Strength and love to all the people affected by this global health crisis, not only the sick and their caregivers but all the lives and livelihoods disrupted. It is troublesome to watch friends and neighbours afraid to get too close to each other and we hope that this distancing will not become a part of our collective conscious for the long term. The comfort of closeness and touch is vital to our well being and our humanity. Sterile environments as a norm would be much worse for our immunity. Please stay aware as we take in the message that the other is dangerous and that contact and closeness is irresponsible. Amidst all of the isolation we should isolate this moment in time as a necessary measure but return to feel safe to embrace and to be embraced.
Abrazos, Deborah and Santiago
March 2020

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