About Tango

Tango is a multidimensional art form made up of music, dance and poetry originating in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 1800’s. Today it is more popular than ever before all around the world. In most every international city and even small towns you can find a tango community and places to go social dancing!

History of Argentine Tango

Tango emerged in immigrant neighborhoods where a mix of cultures came together bringing influences from Habanera, Polka, Mazurka, Candombé and Payada. Tango music had it’s Golden Age from 1930 – 1950 during which hundreds of composers, musicans and singers produced countless works still enjoyed today. Tango is a living art and the resurgence of tango in the 1990’s has made it more popular than ever in it’s countries of origin as well as the world over.  The origins of the dance is commonly agreed to have happened alongside the music and with similar influences. The faster paced milonga and candombe preceded tango and with time the music and the dance evolved to become infused with the intricacies, melancholy and passion that charicterize tango. In our Tango Music section you can learn more about this incredible genre of music.


Estilo Tango

What is it that makes tango…tango? What is the essence of this dance? El Abrazo Tango is danced in an embrace, whether a close embrace, v-embrace or an open embrace, it is a key element in the connection and intimacy of the dance. Whichever embrace it should always feel flexible and comfortable. It should feel like a hug! La Caminata The smooth, grounded walk in tango and the intricacy of footwork is it’s iconic gracefullness of four legs moving as if belonging to one body. The source of energy and stability begins with the foundation of your feet and feeling the support of the ground. Improvisación The social dance is completely improvised and based on a very subtle body language which allow partners to communicate and create a unique and spontaneous interpretation of the music.


Why Dance Argentine Tango?

Tango is a rich language that allows for people to share a deep connection and communication which transcends borders, race and class. Full of emotion, it is a celebration and a lament of the human spirit. Learning to dance tango you improve your posture and balance, you gain confidence, body awareness and empathy, you learn about yourself and how you relate to others, you practice being present and aware of your environment. A night out dancing is fun and you enjoy the community of interesting people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Once you begin your tango journey life will never be the same!


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