Pasitos Practica

An opportunity to practice what you are learning in class, get help from teachers and other dancers, experiment and explore. The practica can be a place for you to come with a partner and spend the evening working together and it can be a place of community to help each other, to meet new people and to share your experience.

Pasitos Practica


Everyone is welcome to this warm and friendly practice!

8:30 – 10:30pm
$10 at the door
FREE for tango students taking the Tuesday class at The Tango Studio


The Difference Between a Practica and a Milonga.

At Pasitos Practica we offer a true practica environment where you have a regular space to work on your dance so that you can enjoy more dancing in the milonga!! Whereas in a milonga you should NEVER be practicing steps or talking to your partner while dancing…the practica is the place to do just that! Although you do not have to follow the same codes of the milonga you should use the same common sense and respect while sharing the space with others. If you want to stop or work in one spot and not circulate on the floor you can move into the center or off to the side to allow those who are using the space to practice in the line of dance. The use of the cabeceo is not as important as in a milonga however you should never make someone feel obligated to practice with you. You can ‘practice your cabeceo’ or ask in a polite way “Could I practice one song with you?” Be sure one song means one song and only continue if the person you invited suggests to keep practicing.

Tips for Beginners Practice time is essential for you to feel comfortable in the milonga!  The more you can practice with different partners the quicker you will learn. There is also so much you can learn by practicing technique, watching and listening to the music. It is a great benefit for you to practice with experienced dancers even for a few songs but keep in mind a practica isn’t a substitute for a class and you shouldn’t put pressure on advanced dancers to teach you.

Tips for Experienced Dancers Try to remember how it was when you started dancing and let yourself return to the beginner’s mind, having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would. You will be surprised how this will open up a whole world of learning opportunities!  

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