LEVEL 1 (Fall 6-Week Series) LEADER


TUESDAYS 7:30 – 8:45pm

LEVEL 1 – THE FOUNDATION :: The essentials of partner communication and connection that build the foundation for learning Argentine Tango.

FALL 2021
6 week series ::: Nov 9 – Dec 14

No drop in

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TECHNIQUE - 6 weeks - Discount when taking level class

Discount for Students taking Level 1 or 2 Series
Tuesdays  6:30pm
FALL 2021
6 weeks series :: Nov 9 - Dec 14

Individual Technique - No Partner Required

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Learning Argentine Tango is like learning a language or a martial art and it takes time for the dancer to integrate these elements into their body language. We work with connection exercises and classic sequences to develop technique for the embrace, walking in parallel and crossed system, ochos and paradas.  As students are ready we focus on fluidity in combining and breaking apart sequences for improvisation and musicality.

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