LEVEL 2&3 (WINTER 8 Week Series) FOLLOW



LEVEL 2&3 These classes work in detail to develop and refine the walk, comfort in both close and open embrace, combinations for forward and back ochos with paradas and embellishments, turns, sacadas, ocho cortado, cambio de frente.  As in all of our levels we teach classic sequences as well as musicality and improvisation skills. At this level we are also emphasize social dance codes and will be working on navigation skills for the milonga.

No partner required when registering for the series. We will role balance the class.


8 week series ::: Jan 19 – Mar 9

$175 per person

Classes are 75 min plus extra practice time. Taught by Santiago and Deborah, two professional instructors with over 15 years experience teaching tango together.

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We encourage you to take technique classes! If you are currently enrolled in a Level Series you can purchase the Technique Series for $100

TECHNIQUE - 8 weeks - Discount when taking level class

for Students taking another Level Series
8 weeks series

Individual Technique - No Partner Required

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